Burn Injuries

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Burn injuries are agonizingly painful and often leave victims with severe disfigurement and impairment. What is particularly unfortunate about burn injuries is that they are so often avoidable. This is because neglect is a significant factor in so many instances. However, a victim of such neglect may have grounds upon which to sue for compensation. This is where a Cleveland personal injury lawyer comes in.

The Alarming Statistics

The Centers for Disease Control reports some disturbing statistics on burn injuries:

  • Every year approximately 1.1 million Americans suffer burn injuries that are severe enough to require medical treatment.
  • A full 50,000 of these individuals are hospitalized, half of whom are sent to special burn centers.
  • 4,500 lose their lives directly from the burn injury. Another 10,000 die from infections resulting from burns.

About two thirds of all burn injuries occur in the home and another tenth occur at work. Other areas common for fire injury are campsites, automobiles after crashes, electrocution burns in public and places where fireworks are set off. Your Cleveland personal injury attorney will tell you that, unfortunately, children are particularly vulnerable to burn infections due to their ignorance of dangers and innate curiosity. In fact, for children age 14 and younger burns are the leading cause of accidental death. Perhaps worst of all, children below school age account for one fifth of burn injury victims in the U.S.

Causes and Types of Burn Injuries

When you first meet with your Cleveland personal injury lawyer he will ask you many questions about your burn accident. The purpose of this is to ascertain the exact cause of the accident. If the burn injuries occurred because of a faulty fire sprinkler system, the installer or manufacturer may be to blame. If a fire occurred as a result of a car accident, the driver may be at fault.

Among the most common burn injuries in the home are:

  • Scalding with hot liquids
  • Steam burns
  • Hot stoves and other surfaces
  • Fireworks
  • Candles
  • Electrical burns

In the workplace burns can occur from exposure to chemicals, electrical shock from machinery, hot liquids and other materials used in manufacturing, etc.

Work with a Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney If You Have a Burn Injury Claim

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