Activities Checklist: Why It Is Important to Your Injury Claim

Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney

The most important element factor in winning your personal injury case is credibility. How believable is your story, and how severely were you damaged by the accident that caused your injuries? Did it result in irreparable or long-term harm to your quality of life? The more credible and sympathetic your story, the more your Cleveland personal injury attorney can ask for in damages.

One way to establish damages is to list activities that a client can no longer perform due to his or her injuries. Your Cleveland personal injury lawyer might give you a list with several categories of activities and ask you to mark the ones that you can no longer enjoy. Your attorney might also want a list of people who could potentially be witnesses who can testify about your life pre- and post-injuries. Your attorney will want to interview these witnesses to determine how effective they could be for your case.

Plaintiff’s Checklist

Sports are some of the most common activities affected by injuries. If you previously enjoyed activities such as basketball, swimming, tennis and snowboarding, tell your Cleveland personal injury lawyer as this can be incorporated into your story. You need not have engaged in extreme sports as lighter activities such as yoga and basic exercise can also make your story more sympathetic.

Social Activities

If you previously enjoyed activities such as dancing; sightseeing; going to museums or the library; vacations; barbecues; or other social activities, these are things you should mention to your Cleveland personal injury attorney. The more you can claim your life has been damaged by the accident, the more credible your claim will be.

These are only a small subset of the activities that might be worth mentioning. Anything that you enjoyed prior to the accident but are no longer able to enjoy is potential grounds for mentioning in your claim. You want to be honest about your injuries, but you also want to present your story as sympathetic and believable so that the jury and the insurer can see just how much damage the accident did.

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