Traumatic Brain Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in ClevelandMotorcycles are among the more popular forms of motor vehicle travel today. Unfortunately, they are also among the most dangerous. Motorcyclists are at a distinct disadvantage insofar as their vehicle offers virtually no protection if a collision with other traffic occurs. Very serious injuries are common in motorcycle accidents, including traumatic brain injury. If you have been injured due to another motorist’s negligence, you need to speak with motorcycle accident lawyers in Cleveland.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Cleveland on Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The statistics on motorcycle injuries are very disturbing. Over three-fourths of all motorcycle accidents lead to death or injury of the rider. Each year, over 2,500 riders die on roads throughout the country, and 50,000 more are injured. Many of these require extensive medical treatment. Your motorcycle accident lawyers in Cleveland will advise you that it is important to wear a helmet, though a helmet is no guarantee of protection. Riders who opt against wearing a helmet are 40% more likely to die from trauma to the brain. 15% are more likely to be injured.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries are very common in motorcycle accidents. Any impact to the head has the potential of causing traumatic brain injury. Your Cleveland personal injury attorney will tell attest that a rider who suffers brain damage faces a rough road ahead. Some brain damage may be unrepairable. The rider can be left diminished, unable to fend for himself. Memory loss, impaired motor function, loss of speech, changes in personality and paralysis can result.

Your motorcycle accident lawyers in Cleveland will interview witnesses, get a copy of the police report and take photos of the accident scene. He may need to employ the help of an expert on brain trauma when presenting your case.

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