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Every small business owner needs to understand and be comfortable with business contracts. Whether they are the type who prefers to keep things simple and rely on a handshake and verbal assurances or one who tends to get everything in writing, every entrepreneur will at some point face a conflict where a Cleveland business lawyer will be called on to interpret and perhaps attempt to enforce a contract.

Written vs. Oral Contracts

With a few exceptions, oral contracts are enforceable; as long as the parties have agreed on fundamental terms with the intention of entering a binding agreement, a contract can exist. However, even more so than with written contracts, a Cleveland business law attorney cautions that the terms of oral contracts can be notoriously hard to prove.

A Basic Contract

To be enforceable, a contract must identify certain fundamental elements:

  • The parties: a clear statement of the names and businesses involved;
  • The agreement: a clear statement that the parties have agreed to exchange value for value and a detailed explanation of all the material terms, such as the performance required by each of the parties;
  • The conditions: a detailed statement of how each party is expected to perform including such things as price, quantity, time of performance and termination of the contract; and
  • Signature and date by the parties.

A Better Contract

A better contract contains provisions that address issues that may arise in the future. Primary among the considerations a Cleveland business lawyer recommends:

  • Dispute provision: in the event that the parties face disagreement down the road, an alternative to litigation, such as arbitration or mediation, can be beneficial;
  • Severability provision: if one part of a contract is deemed unenforceable, the entire contract may be voidable. A severability clause allows the offending provision to be excluded while enforcing the rest of the contract; and
  • Integration provision: stating the written agreement is the full and final agreement and any oral declarations have no applicability.

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