A Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney on Construction Accidents

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Construction sites are dangerous places. Statistics compiled by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration indicate that one in every ten construction workers are injured on the job every year. Additionally, a Cleveland personal injury attorney reports that although construction workers make up only 6 percent of the national workforce, construction related deaths account for 20 percent of all workplace fatalities.

The Nature of Construction Accidents

Falls are the number one cause of injury at construction sites. Although the majority of falls are from buildings, a Cleveland personal injury lawyer indicates scaffolding and ladder falls are also common. Other incidents an experienced Cleveland personal injury attorney sees include:

  • Electrical accidents;
  • Accidents involving heavy equipment and machinery; and
  • Motor vehicle crashes.

The risk of serious injury is great, with head injury and spinal damage among the most severe. And, as a Cleveland personal injury attorney emphasizes, a typical construction accident leads to a prolonged period of the inability to work and, in many cases, permanent injury.

Workers’ Compensation

Just as there is a lot of activity going on at a site, there are many different entities involved. In instances where an employee is injured in the course of a job-related function, their remedy is most often workers' compensation. Although a Cleveland personal injury attorney cannot file a lawsuit against the employer on behalf of the injured employee, they can assist in ensuring the worker’s compensation insurer provides just compensation to the employee.

Third Part Liability

Upon investigation of many construction accidents, a Cleveland personal injury lawyer will discover some other individual or entity was fully or partially negligent in causing the injured party’s damages. Even when a workers’ compensation claim is pending against the employer, a Cleveland personal injury attorney can initiate a lawsuit against third parties who may be liable, such as:

  • Other contractors or sub-contractors;
  • The property owner; and
  • A manufacturer of equipment or machinery.

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