The Defendant's Involvement in Your Personal Injury Case

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Personal injury claims are handled by the insurance company of the person who caused your injuries, the defendant. It is generally not a good idea to try to negotiate with the insurance adjuster on your own; he is not on your side. In fact, the insurance company is in business to make money, not to pay out on personal injury claims. Instead, you should strongly consider hiring a Cleveland personal injury attorney. The following explains what the defendant's role in the claim will be once it is filed.

A Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyer on the Defendant's Initial Role

After you file your claim, the insurance company for the person who caused your injuries will be contacted and will give his statement to the claims adjuster. After this, he will likely have very little, if any, involvement with the case, as your Cleveland personal injury attorney negotiates with the adjuster. Indeed, unless it is a medical malpractice case, he won't even be kept abreast of the progress of the case until it is settled. Instead, the defendant will continue with his daily routine, likely hoping that the problem will be resolved smoothly.

The Defendant's Role If the Case Does Not Settle

If your case does not settle, you and your Cleveland personal injury lawyer will need to decide whether or not to litigate the case. This usually depends upon how strong your case is as well as the value of the claim since lawsuits are costly. If you do, the insurance company will hire a lawyer to represent the tortfeasor, or defendant. After this point, the defendant will be required to be involved in the process. This will include submitting to a deposition and testifying at the trial. It should be noted that even though the insurance company hires the attorney and will likely pay whatever settlement is reached, it is the defendant who is being sued.

We Can Help If You Have Been Injured

If you have been injured in an accident caused by another party, you may be able to receive compensation including cost of medical treatment, lost income, pain, suffering and more. Call a Cleveland personal injury attorney today to discuss your case at the Law Office of Shapero & Green, LLC, at 216-831-5100.