Deposition Tips: Possible Areas of Inquiry

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Your deposition is the stage in your personal injury case where you will have to sit and answer questions under oath from the defense attorney representing the insurance company. These questions will be related to the accident and your subsequent injuries, and may go into other related areas. Your Cleveland personal injury law firm will be there representing you to make sure nothing goes amiss, but you will have to answer questions yourself.

To prepare for your deposition, your Cleveland personal injury attorney might give you a form of questions you will be likely asked so you have some idea of what to expect. Here is an excerpt of such a checklist:

  • Personal Background. You may be asked about your marital history, your military history, any names you have ever used and your present and past residences;
  • Medical Insurance. Your Cleveland personal injury law firm will need to know the name and address of your current medical insurer, your ID number and whether you have ever made any prior claims with them. They will also need to know if you have ever been party to a lawsuit, received unemployment compensation, worker’s compensation, disability benefits or been convicted of a criminal offense;
  • Medical History.

    Your Cleveland personal injury attorney will need to know about any bodily defects or injuries you had prior to the accident, when they were diagnosed and by whom and how your recovery and treatment proceeded. Similarly, you will need to describe any incidents or injuries you had after the accident as these will likely be used by the insurance company to shift the blame for your injuries; and
  • The Incident.

    How did you leave the scene? Were you able to leave on your own, or were you taken to medical attention by someone? Describe your injuries in detail: What force was applied to what parts of your body and by what? What objective evidence do you have for each of your injuries? Do you have subjective complaints such as ongoing pain? What problems did each of your injuries cause you?

This is a small sample of the questions that might be relevant during your deposition. To ensure you are fully prepared, contact a Cleveland personal injury law firm. Call the Law Office of Shapero & Green at 216-831-5100.


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