Information About Depositions

Cleveland personal injury lawyer
Your Cleveland personal injury lawyer will likely emphasize the importance of depositions. These legal proceedings are the first opportunity that the adversary will have to ask you to provide testimony about the case. Additionally, this gives the opponent a chance to size you up. By taking this process seriously, you can help your case and your attorney.

Logistical Information

The deposition may occur in the defense attorney's office, the office of your Cleveland personal injury lawyer or a neutral location. Along with the attorneys, the defendant and a court reporter are present.

Information Asked

Your Cleveland personal injury lawyer can explain the types of questions that will likely be asked. For example, you can expect to be interrogated about the incident that led to the lawsuit, the injuries you suffered and demographic information about you and your family.


It is important that you know that your answers will be recorded word for word by the court reporter. You may be asked about these questions and answers during the trial. The Cleveland personal injury attorney who represents the defendant may try to impeach you if you offer a different answer at trial than you did during the deposition.

Individuals to be Deposed

As the plaintiff, you are likely to be deposed. Additionally, your lawyer may wish to depose the defendant. Other witnesses can also be deposed.

Seeking Legal Counsel

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