Finding a New Facility

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One way to help a loved one who is living in a nursing facility that does not meet your standards is to find a new facility. Choosing the nursing home where your mother, father or other relative will likely live out their remaining years is a very important endeavor, and you may feel overwhelmed by all the issues to consider. A Cleveland nursing home lawyer can help, but the following provides some guidelines.

A Cleveland Nursing Home Lawyer on Considering an Alternative

One thing you may consider is an alternative to the nursing home. This may work if your loved one’s health has not significantly deteriorated. Your Cleveland nursing home lawyer can discuss this in more detail, but a few options are:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Board and care homes
  • Community services

If your loved one is in her last months you might consider hospice as well. One drawback to these facilities is that generally they are not paid for by Medicare.

Comparing Facilities

If you decide that your best option is another nursing home, you will need to do some research. Your Cleveland nursing home lawyer may have a list of facilities that are known to be better than others and can tell you about those that have been cited for problems related to cleanliness, staffing or other issues.

You should begin your search by first deciding a price range, along with the geographic area where you would like your loved one to be placed. You can then go online and research options in your area. Make a list of facilities that look promising, and arrange a day or two when you can visit a few of these. 

Telling Signs to Look For

Call ahead before visiting a nursing home for the first time. You can arrange for a tour of the places you wish to visit, while making the best use of your limited time. Once you pay your first visit to a facility, you should drop by unannounced again at times different from when you visited the first time. A good nursing home should have no problem with your doing this.

Your Cleveland nursing home neglect attorney will tell you that you should not be afraid to ask many questions. The staff should expect this. Even if they don’t, the health and best interests of your loved one are at stake, so there is no room for being unnecessarily accommodating to staff. 

You may ask questions of residents, but get permission from staff first. Don’t jump to conclusions if you see one resident who is acting out. She may be suffering Alzheimer’s or another malady. Your Cleveland nursing home lawyer may be able to provide you with a list of questions to ask, but if not, compile a list yourself before your visit. These questions should deal with specifics about the following:

  • Staffing, including training and number of staff members
  • Safety
  • Quality of life
  • Cost

A Cleveland Nursing Home Lawyer Can Help You Choose a New Facility

If you are planning to move your loved one to a new facility, you may wish to consult with a Cleveland nursing home neglect attorney who has inside knowledge of many of these places and problems that are associated with them. Call the Law Offices of Shapero & Green today to arrange a consultation at 216-831-5100.


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