Three Things You Should Know about Personal Injury Settlements

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Here are some common questions that your Cleveland injury lawyer hears from personal injury claimants.

How Long after My Cleveland Injury Lawyer Sends the First Letter of Demand Will the Case Settle?

Generally, the time from first letter of demand to final settlement will be a few months or longer. If your case is a small, clear-cut case where liability is not in question, the process may be achieved in a month or two. However, this depends heavily on the specifics of your case, and you should listen to your Cleveland injury lawyer as to how long your case is expected to take. The case might be delayed or prolonged because of how busy the insurance adjuster is or how the internal claims process for the insurance company works.

After My Cleveland Injury Attorney and the Insurer Agree on a Settlement, How Long Until I Receive Payment?

Once the insurance company and you and your Cleveland injury lawyer have finalized a settlement agreement, the process will usually take another two to six weeks to complete depending on how quickly both parties can work through it. Do not expect it to take less than a month.

Do I Have to Do Anything before I Receive My Portion of the Settlement from My Cleveland Injury Lawyer?

You, and potentially your spouse, will be required to sign a release form that states you agree to forever give up the right to sue the defendant (the person or company responsible for your injuries) in your claim for your injuries. The settlement you receive is in exchange for giving up this right.

The settlement is not all yours to take; your Cleveland injury attorney will use a portion of it to pay your outstanding medical bills from your injuries. This may go either to the medical provider that treated you or the health insurance carrier that initially paid for your treatment and is now demanding reimbursement.

In addition, your Cleveland injury attorney will deduct attorneys’ fees and expenses from the settlement; after all, fighting your case is its own battle. Once the relevant deductions have been made, you will receive the balance of the settlement from your Cleveland injury lawyer.

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