What Lawyers Do in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Cleveland motor vehicle accident attorney

After you have an initial meeting with your lawyer, your Cleveland motor vehicle accident attorney will start to investigate your claim. Here are a few tasks that you can expect him or her to handle.

Gathering Evidence

Your Cleveland motor vehicle accident attorney will explain that, as the plaintiff in a case, you have the burden of proof of showing that the other person is liable for the accident. Your Cleveland motor vehicle accident lawyer may visit the scene of the accident to gather evidence and gain a better perspective. He or she may request the police report if one was made. He or she may also interview any witnesses who saw the accident or the aftermath. To substantiate damages, your Cleveland motor vehicle accident attorney might review your medical reports, medical bills and statements from your employer regarding wages that you lost. You may need to sign an authorization form for your lawyer. This form gives him or her the authority to receive confidential medical forms regarding your case. 

Legal Research

In some motor vehicle accidents, the legal issues may be complex. Your Cleveland motor vehicle accident lawyer may research relevant laws that pertain to your case such as laws that were made by the state legislature and cases that are similar to your own.

Communication with the Insurance Company

An important role that your attorney can play in a motor vehicle accident is to maintain contact with the insurance company that covers the person or company that is responsible for your injuries. Your lawyer may have communication with the insurance company during an initial investigation. Additionally, he or she may communicate information relevant to you.

Communication with You

For example, your attorney may follow up with you to ensure that you are following your healthcare provider’s advice. Additionally, your lawyer may contact you to make sure that you have provided all documents to support your claim for damages including your medical bills, vehicle repair bills, lost income reports and other documents.

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