A Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney Explains How to Make a Good Impression

Cleveland personal injury attorney
Depositions are part of many civil trials. This process can help each side discover what type of testimony they can expect at trial and what type of impression the witness may make. Here are a few tips that you may hear from your Cleveland personal injury lawyer about how to make a good impression during your deposition.

Prepare Evidence before the Deposition

If you anticipate that the other attorney will request that you sketch a picture of what happened on the day in question, prepare this drawing ahead of time. Show it to your Cleveland personal injury attorney before you present it to the other side. When you present it, be sure that you inform the attorney that it was prepared from the best of your recollection and that you do not possess any expertise on distances, measurements or precise details.

Be Honest

If the other side's attorney asks you whether you have discussed the case with anyone, provide an honest answer. Likewise, if he or she asks if your statement was recorded, provide this information upon request.

By working with your lawyer in advance, you can prepare for what to expect during a deposition. The better prepared you are in advance, the more likely it is your testimony will not help the opposing side.

Answer the Questions Yourself

While you will certainly rely on your lawyer for guidance during your trial, it is important that you be able to answer questions on your own. You can only provide answers to the best of your ability. If you do not know the answer or remember, it is fine for you to say so.

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