Personal Injury Claims From the Insurers Perspective Discussed by a Cleveland/Akron Personal Injury Law Firm

Cleveland/Akron personal injury law firm

Make no mistake about it, insurance is a business. How and why an insurance company will settle a claim or, as a Cleveland/Akron personal injury law firm often sees, force it to trial, is as much a matter of long range goals as it is responding to the specific case at hand. 

Insurance Companies Are Willing to Take Small Cases to Trial

It may seem intuitive for an insurer to quickly settle low dollar amount cases, but that does not always happen. At least two factors may come in to play:

  • The insurance company does not want to have a reputation as one that is afraid to litigate. Taking a case all the way can send a message; and
  • Based on the circumstances of the insured, liability may be a major concern. A Cleveland/Akron personal injury attorney, for instance, has seen where it can be beneficial to spend $10,000 to defend a case that would have settled for $5,000.

Closing the File vs. Overpaying

Insurance adjusters are always anxious to close files; they have a lot of cases and they need to move through them quickly. However, they will not substantially pay more than a case is worth merely for the benefit of clearing their desk. They always have the option of referring a case that won’t settle to defense counsel.


As part of the business aspect of an insurance company, files are reviewed. Even a senior adjuster or supervisor will have their cases reviewed by at least one other set of eyes. Although a Cleveland/Akron personal injury law firm always hears how adjusters must “get authority” to settle a case, which can sometimes be a stalling tactic, the reality is that every settlement will be tested by the company at some point. No adjuster is going to risk losing their job by settling a case without proper documentation and support.

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