A Personal Injury Lawyer as a Salesman

Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyer

For the injured plaintiff in a personal injury case, it is all about regaining their health, receiving compensation for their losses and getting on with their life, and they rely on the justice system to achieve this end. The manner in which a Cleveland personal injury lawyer goes about this, however, may come as a surprise: selling a product.

The Personal Injury Product

First of all, it is important to realize that less than five percent of all personal injury cases reach trial; thus, a settlement is reached in the vast majority of cases. As a strategy, the cost and time necessary for trial must be factored in. A settlement is more efficient, but it must be at a favorable dollar amount. Consequently, a Cleveland personal injury attorney is packaging a commodity that consists of the client’s medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering and selling it for a desirable settlement to an insurance claims’ adjuster. If the adjuster buys it at the right price, the client wins.

The Lawyer’s Training and Experience

The benefit of law school and the years of experience a Cleveland personal injury lawyer has in negotiating settlements provide an advantage when dealing with most adjusters. This is not to suggest, however, that the lawyer will have an easy time of it or should run roughshod over the adjuster. There are subtle ways to be persuasive as a salesman.

The Lawyer’s Approach

Negotiations and settlement talks have a personal aspect to them. It’s much easier to bring someone over to your side when there is a mutuality based on respect and dignity in the air. With this in mind, a good personal injury lawyer will:

  • Make the adjuster feel as if they are equals by not, for instance, rushing through every conversation or interaction, but by taking time to discuss the matter; and
  • Understand what information must be made available to the adjuster and provide complete and legible copies without delay.

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