Piercing the Corporate Veil Explained by a Cleveland Corporation Liability Attorney

Cleveland corporation liability attorney

A key benefit of creating a corporation or limited liability company, or LLC, is so that the individuals involved generally will not be held personally liable for debts and other liabilities of the corporation. However, a Cleveland corporation liability attorney can tell you that in some cases, a court will hold individuals responsible under a doctrine called "piercing the corporate veil."

Situations Where a Court Will Pierce the Corporate Veil

A Cleveland corporation liability lawyer can explain to you the general situations where a court will pierce the corporate veil and hold individuals responsible for the acts of the company. Typically, a court will need to find all of the following elements to pierce the corporate veil:

  • Whether There Is Separation Between the Company and Its Owners.

     A court will look for real separation between a company and its owners. For example, a court will look at whether the owners and the company maintain separate finances or if the finances are commingled. If there is no separation, a court may find that the corporation is just a sham and hold the individuals behind the corporation responsible for any bad acts or debts;
  • If the Company Engaged in Fraud or Other Wrongful Act.

     A court will usually only get involved if the company is alleged to have engaged in some type of fraud or criminal act. For example, a court may get involved if the owners of the company recklessly borrowed money, gambled away assets or used the business to conduct personal or criminal affairs; and
  • Harm to Third Parties and Creditors.

     There typically needs to be some harm before a court will examine a corporation and determine whether or not to pierce the corporate veil. A court may try to right some wrong such as making whole the losses of someone doing business with the company.

A Cleveland corporation liability lawyer can explain that some common factors that a court may look at to determine whether to pierce the corporate veil include checking to see if the company was adequately capitalized and whether the company followed proper corporate formalities.

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