Review Your Testimony With Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

personal injury lawyer in Cleveland

As you move forward with your accident claim, it is the responsibility of your personal injury lawyer in Cleveland to present what happened, who was at fault and how you've suffered. The first opportunity for you to tell your side of the events will be during your deposition. Your Cleveland personal injury lawyer will have you fully prepared before the first question is ever asked.

Deposition Subject Areas

As your lawyer gets you ready for the deposition, you'll be asked to go through practice sessions. This will get you comfortable with the line of questioning that you can expect during the actual deposition. Before the practice session, your Cleveland personal injury lawyer will have gathered together all the police reports, medical records and witness statements. These will be used to form the deposition questions.

What could also come under scrutiny are all the things you might have said or written about regarding the accident. For instance, your lawyer might need to review your Facebook posts to see if there is any information that could be used against you by the defendant's attorney. Even an off-handed comment about "scoring a big settlement" could be taken the wrong way. You want to make sure your attorney won't be surprised by any of your social media comments.

Types of Deposition Questions

Aside from the questions related to the accident, your lawyer will also ask a series of preliminary questions during your deposition. These are meant to put you at ease and establish the tone of the proceedings. Your lawyer will ask if you know that you're under oath and understand these questions and answers can be used in a trial. Your personal injury lawyer in Cleveland will also ascertain that you are prepared to answer the questions and you're not on any medication that could cloud your responses. They want you fully alert and focused.

Let Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Cleveland Get You Ready

The best support you can provide your attorney is to be a strong witness. A skilled attorney won't let you testify unless you are fully prepared. The Law Office of Shapero & Green has been helping accident victims receive fair settlements for several years. To see if they can help in your claim, call today at 216-831-5100 to set up a free appointment.


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