Information About Depositions

Cleveland slip and fall attorneys
If you are preparing for your slip and fall at a supermarket or retail store lawsuit, Cleveland slip and fall attorneys will work from the following checklist to make sure every element is covered.

When Cleveland slip and fall lawyers file a lawsuit, a process known as "discovery" will take place between all parties. During discovery, each party will learn what the other party knows. The following will likely be covered during this process:

  • Interrogatories;
  • Written requests for admissions;
  • Written requests to produce documents; and
  • Depositions.

Store Operations

Cleveland slip and fall attorneys will want to cover the following topics with the jury:

  • The manual of store operations;
  • Employee handbooks or manuals;
  • Any safety manuals from the store or corporation;
  • Any maintenance manual from the store;
  • Bulletins or advisories from the store regarding safety and safety issues;
  • Transcripts of computer assisted training programs for employees; and
  • Store operating records.

Regarding the store operating records, Cleveland slip and fall lawyers will cover the following with the jury:

  • Sweep logs or records;
  • Time cards from employees;
  • Accident reports; and
  • Incident reports.

At your trial, the following deposition testimony may be presented from any or all of the following people:

  • Store manager or director;
  • Store safety instructor;
  • Employee or Associate responsible for inspection or cleaning;
  • Each witnessing employee; and
  • Designated defense expert.

In addition, your attorney may present information regarding maintenance or inspections.

Information Asked

Your Cleveland personal injury lawyer can explain the types of questions that will likely be asked. For example, you can expect to be interrogated about the incident that led to the lawsuit, the injuries you suffered and demographic information about you and your family.


It is important that you know that your answers will be recorded word for word by the court reporter. You may be asked about these questions and answers during the trial. The Cleveland personal injury attorney who represents the defendant may try to impeach you if you offer a different answer at trial than you did during the deposition.

Individuals to be Deposed

As the plaintiff, you are likely to be deposed. Additionally, your lawyer may wish to depose the defendant. Other witnesses can also be deposed.

Seeking Legal Counsel

If you would like to learn more about depositions and the process involving them, contact the Law Office of Shapero & Green by calling 216-831-5100.