Spinal Injuries

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The spinal cord plays such an essential role in the maintenance of movement and body systems that serious damage to it can mean paralysis and even death. The spine consists of a complicated integration of nerves, bones and connective tissues that send messages to and from the brain and other parts of the body. As important a role as the spine plays, it is also quite vulnerable to damage. If an injury is committed through an act of negligence, it is possible that you can receive compensation, but it is best to work with a Cleveland spine injury attorney.

Statistics and Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injury is very common. Your Cleveland spine injury lawyer will tell you that clients with spinal injuries tend most often to have been hurt in one of the following ways:
  • Automobile accident
  • Pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle
  • Slip and falls
  • Falling objects
  • Swimming and diving accidents
  • Boating and other recreational vehicle accidents
  • Sports

The elderly are susceptible to spinal injuries due to the fact that they are more prone to fall, and their bones are more brittle and delicate. However, a full 50% of spinal injuries are suffered by young people under age 25. Each year approximately 10,000 new accident victims suffer spinal cord damage. In all, the approximately a quarter million people have paralysis from spinal damage. Indeed, one of the tragic aspects of spinal cord injury is that, more often than not, the damage is irreparable. Medical science still has not found a way to repair damage to a spinal cord once nerves are completely severed.

How Spinal Injuries Occur

Spinal cord damage can occur in accidents like those above which cause trauma and also from illnesses and exposure to toxic substances. When trauma occurs, the spinal cord is pulled, compressed, jarred or shaken. Bleeding or leakage of spinal fluids can then build up and put pressure on delicate tissues, thereby increasing the severity of the original injury.

When you meet with your Cleveland spine injury attorney, he will determine the cause of the injuries and explain how he proposes to handle your case. If there is comparative negligence, this will be discussed. Comparative negligence occurs when the victim’s actions played a part in the accident. Your attorney will also consider how the insurance company will likely view the case and possible defenses.

Work with a Cleveland Spine Injury Lawyer If You Are Hurt

Damage to your spinal cord can mean permanent disability. It may be difficult ever to earn a living again or engage in various daily activities. Call a Cleveland spine injury attorney at the Law Office of Shapero & Green to discuss your case at 216-831-5100.

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