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From professional and amateur athletes to adolescents and children, sports injuries are a serious problem. Literally millions of injuries occur each year. While many of these are relatively minor, occasionally an injury can leave the victim physically devastated. What’s more, in some cases the injuries need not have occurred at all and are due to negligence. If you or your child has suffered a sports injury that is the fault of another, a Cleveland injury attorney may be able to help.

A Cleveland Injury Lawyer Discusses Common Causes of Sports Injuries

Certain types of sports are more likely to leave participants injured, of course. A high school student playing tackle football or rugby is more prone to an injury than someone involved in a less contact-intensive sport such as baseball. However, as your Cleveland injury attorney can tell you, any sport poses certain dangers. A baseball player who is not wearing proper head gear, for instance, can suffer a serious head injury should he be hit during a pitch.

Your Cleveland injury attorney sees accidents from sports and activities ranging from those that are school-directed to bicycle and horseback riding, hiking and swimming. One activity the dangers of which have, in recent years, been brought to the public’s attention is cheerleading. Often cheerleaders are teenagers whose bone structures are still forming and these kids are expected to climb dangerously atop each other, jump from high distances and perform other maneuvers which are almost death-defying.

A Cleveland Injury Attorney on Liability for Sports Injuries

Your Cleveland injury attorney can attest that injuries incurred during sports activities include lacerations, broken bones, concussions, dislocated shoulders, head injuries, spinal damage and brain trauma. Few things are more tragic than a student who has not even reached adulthood suffering a permanent and life-diminishing injury.

The challenge of your Cleveland injury attorney is to show that the accident was due to the negligence or fault of another. Such liability can be due to:

  • Failure to provide safety gear;
  • Faulty gear;
  • Improper coaching/poor supervision;
  • Poor training;
  • Unsafe premises; and
  • Inadequate medical care.

This is just a partial list.

Call a Cleveland Injury Lawyer for Help with Your Claim

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