Testimonials for Shapero & Green, LLC

While we are extremely proud of the remarkable verdicts we have won for many of our clients, we also have won numerous smaller verdicts throughout the years. We advocated just as vigorously for these smaller cases and they are just as important to us.

  The lawyers at Shapero & Green are the most honest guys I’ve ever met. These great lawyers are thorough, they don’t miss deadlines, they are prepared, and they tell you everything that is going on. And they care about their clients. They always go the extra step.

Richard C., Client

  For years I used a major firm that had an M&A guy, a litigator and a specialist in my business industry. Too many people. I can talk to Brian about anything; He’s reliable, accessible and he tells me like it is.

Well Respected Entrepreneur

  The lawyers at Shapero & Green are tenatious and aggressive, but always appropriate to the situation. They have a good reputation for being fair and even-handed and they’re enjoyable to deal with. If they think they can win they’ll tell you. And if you have issues they’ll tell you — they never give false hope and they deliver what they promise. I like dealing with them.

Long Time Bank Officer

  They are wonderful, lovable, very smart, good people. They get the job done.

Vince D., Client

  The lawyers at Shapero & Green are aggressively protective, always looking out for your best interest.

Client and Highly Regarded Financial Advisor

  The lawyers at Shapero & Green are very knowledgeable and client-centric. Their focus is on getting the very best for the client, which sounds funny, but not every law firm is like that. These are lawyers that will get things done, efficiently and beneficially. They are just good people. We would never recommend anybody to someone without character and integrity, and they’re the highest.

Managing Partner of Well Respected Law Firm

  The lawyers at Shapero & Green are outstanding. They’re smart, informative and success-oriented. They just seem to want to win and do the best job they can. We are never shorted on effort. They don’t cut corners at all, and my experience with Brian is that he’s smart, sharp, professional and his intuition on what should transpire has been dead-on for years.

Executive Vice President of Large Closely Held Business

  There’s no question that Shapero & Green provides the best representation you can get. They are more nimble than most firms and the experience they provide is at a level above the other firms can give us on complex matters.

Bank Executive