Trade Secrets Assistance With a Cleveland Trade Secrets Attorney

Cleveland trade secrets attorney

Trade Secrets Assistance With a Cleveland Trade Secrets Attorney

A trade secret is generally some proprietary information that a business possesses that may give it a competitive advantage against it peers. A Cleveland trade secrets attorney can explain to you that businesses are very protective of their trade secrets and oftentimes take steps to prevent insiders from leaking the information and preventing competitors from stealing it. 

Trade secrets are unique from other forms of intellectual property. A Cleveland trade secrets attorney can tell you that the trade secret will remain your property so long as you keep it confidential. You don't have to register it or file any paperwork. However, once the information is made public, you may lose the trade secret.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

A common way for businesses to protect trade secrets is with nondisclosure agreements. A Cleveland trade secrets lawyer can explain that a nondisclosure agreement is essentially a contract where the parties signing the agreement agree that they will keep the trade secret confidential. You will want to work with an experienced attorney if you are drafting a non-disclosure agreement. Failure to draft a proper contract may render it meaningless.

Some common elements for a non-disclosure agreement include:

  • Defining the Trade Secret.

     You will need to carefully define the confidential information you are protecting. Courts generally only enforce non-disclosure agreements that are narrowly tailored;
  • What Isn't a Trade Secret.

     A flip-side of the above, you may also need to spell out what is not a trade secret. So simply saying all programming code is protected may not be satisfactory;
  • Obligations of the Parties.

     You may want to state the rights of both parties; including, how the receiving party may use the information and for what purposes; and
  • Length of Time.

     Courts generally do not like non-disclosure agreements that are effective indefinitely. Instead, you will need to set reasonable timeframes.

For assistance crafting a non-disclosure agreement, you will want to work with an experienced lawyer.

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