What You Should Know Remember When Taking Your Deposition

Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney

When preparing for your deposition in your personal injury case, you will want to carefully go over the subject with your Cleveland personal injury lawyer. You will be expected to answer questions posed by the defense attorney about anything related to the accident and your injuries, and you must answer truthfully and without the help of your attorney. Your Cleveland personal injury attorney will be there to keep things on track, but he cannot answer questions for you. Here are some tips on you should approach your deposition.

Don’t Make Guesses

If you are asked questions about distance, time, speed or other things that involve precise measurements, don’t guess as to the answer. For example, if you are asked how many seconds elapsed between when you saw the defendant and when the collision occurred, do not make a guess. Humans are notoriously bad at making rough guesses of such things, especially if they are just going by memory, and answering such a question would commit you to an answer that might be inaccurate and might damage your case. Instead, just state that “I can’t say exactly how long it took, but it was a very short time.”

Wait for the Question

Even if you think you know what the defense attorney is going to ask, do not interrupt to answer. You might be mistaken, or it might be a question that is improper, and your Cleveland personal injury attorney will want to object to the question. Either way, you should always wait for the attorney to finish asking the question before beginning your answer.

Answer Questions As Best As You Can

If you think a question is irrelevant or inappropriate, you will probably have to answer it anyway. If it is not, your Cleveland personal injury lawyer will object. If there is no objection or instruction not to answer, answer it anyway as best you can. Let your lawyer worry about mitigating the damage it will do to your case.

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