Why Certain Personal Injury Cases Are Investigated

Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney
A Sub Rosa surveillance investigation is conducted secretly to verify the validity and severity of a personal injury claim. Subjects are followed and covertly photographed, recorded or videotaped. A Cleveland personal injury attorney understands why certain personal injury claimants are targeted for such investigations. Here are some red flags:

Athletic Apparel

Many people wear jogging suits as a matter of course these days, but suspicions can be aroused in a claim’s adjuster when the claimant is wearing workout gear when they are allegedly disabled.

The Same Team

Adjusters look for patterns in cases. If the same Cleveland personal injury lawyer and treating physician are involved in case after case, an adjuster may get the idea that something is not right. Is the claimant working the system?

The Same Claimant

Many insurance companies have access to a database that provides information on bodily injury claimants. This index covers not only personal injury cases, but also workers’ compensation, slip and fall cases and automobile injury cases. If a claimant’s name appears more than once, an adjuster may suspect that individual is a “professional” claimant. And, if the same doctor is on each case, there is more reason for an investigation.

The Same Injury

Some injuries never completely heal, and in such cases, flare-ups may occur or a similar injury in the same area of the body results. A Cleveland personal injury attorney can explain how this recurrence of the same or similar injury can make an adjuster wonder if the claimant’s injury is legitimate or if they are using the same injury over and over again.

The Convenient Injury

Again, adjusters are mindful of patterns. If a recurring injury flares up at predictable times, that could be a sign of deceit. For instance, does the claimant seem fine during mild, spring and summer weather, but too injured for work in the dead of winter? Does a flare-up occur just before a layoff or strike?


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